EdTech Tools to Teach Students How to Be Safe Online

EdTech Tools to Teach Students How to Be Safe Online

One of the greatest challenges parents and educators face is keeping up the technology.  This is especially true in regards to ensuring online safety as kids access online content.  The rapid changes in technology can leave parents and teachers overwhelmed as kids become more tech-savvy at a younger age every year.

It’s never been more important to keep up with what kids are doing online to ensure their safety. Fortunately, many EdTech tools are available for students to ensure safe search is on as they learn. These resources also allow parents at home keep up with what their kids are doing online, whether they are doing homework, playing games or interacting with their friends.


Hāpara, a Chromebook classroom management software, is essential for seamless learning. Today’s digital tools impact the way students learn, and educational leaders and teachers need tools that will transform the way they teach and improve education.

It’s an easy, flexible way to create a collaborative environment where teachers and students can develop content and projects. Hāpara is also a powerful K12 Chromebook monitoring tool. Educators can focus on their core duties while providing students with a customized learning experience with many safety features.

Hāpara allows teachers to watch student internet activity and shut off tabs when they are not being used for schoolwork. It also enables teachers to create personalized lesson plans, projects, and units of inquiry.

Educators can create these lessons and activities with the free educational software, Google Apps for Education. This allows teachers to monitor and manage student use of the Internet. For students, it means more time for homework. As a result, students feel more comfortable using the program.


Netop’s instructional tool Vision is another useful classroom management solution for educators. Teachers love this monitoring platform, due to the visibility, accessibility, and ease this software provides them.

With this tool, teachers can share their own screens as well as lock students’ screens and keyboards. In this digital age with increasingly digital savvy students, it’s a gamechanger to be able to lock tools and block websites when something inappropriate comes up.

With remote learning and technological literacy being so pervasive, having tools that filter, block, and protect students from potentially harmful content is of the utmost importance.


Securly is a cloud-based student safety software that protects students from harmful online content. The platform provides cloud-based web filtering and monitoring for all devices, providing complete visibility of online activity.

Besides monitoring social media and keystrokes, it allows parents to partner with schools to manage their child’s school devices at home and will also notify parents of cyberbullying and violence.

The company’s technology has been designed to protect children and young from cyberbullying and other dangerous online behaviors.  It also sends notifications when students visit adult websites or inappropriate access content.

The platform also gives teachers a secure line of anonymous communication with parents. The Securly safety software even provides a cloud-based parent portal for monitoring student devices. This school security software can help schools and students stay on task with an education-based approach.


The GoGuardian software is a free and easy-to-use solution for teachers. It has all the features teachers need to keep track of students’ online activity. The app brings filtering, classroom engagement, and school mental health tools into a single suite.

With a focus on K-12 digital learning, security, and student engagement, this tool helps monitor the online activities of students. The app can also help parents monitor their children’s activities in their classroom.  The app is designed to be compatible with all major browsers and operating systems to be used in various settings.


Taking the time to teach students the basics of internet safety is crucial and will ultimately save them from many potential problems. The more they know, the safer they’ll be while exploring what’s out there. So, before students head into the world of social media and beyond, work with them to teach them how to be safe online.

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