Free School Supplies for Teachers and Schools

Free School Supplies for Schools

Are you a teacher or the administrator of a school seeking free school supplies? School districts with limited budgets are the norm but that doesn’t stop the effort of educators to provide the best education for their students. As for teachers, many purchase classroom supplies from their own personal finances. School supplies at no cost provide the solution.

To be clear, these school supplies are purchased at competitive prices and provided free to those who sign up for Wishing Well™ and then share their school supply wish list with others. It connect educators with donors who are desiring to buy the schools supplies on the list.  Teachers may have a number of items on their list.  Donors can choose to purchase as little or as many of the items as they wish.  Items are shipped directly to teachers at their school in a quick fashion. Sign up to Create Your Free Wish List

Free School Supplies for School-Wide Needs

Administrators can also create a wish list for their school in general.  The success of a campaign to receive free school supplies is dependent on the number of people within your community that you share your needs with.  All the tools are provided within the Wishing Well™ program to have a successful campaign and receive classroom supplies for free as they are purchased.

School supplies are available on the ‘Really Good Stuff’ website, the providers of competitively priced school supplies for those who want to support teachers or find resource for use at home.  It’s all part of innovative, teacher-created solutions.

PTA’s, girls and boys clubs, daycare facilities, after-school programs, community drop-ins and even those in need of homeschooling resources can create their own campaigns for free school supplies.

Once those who are seeking free supplies have signed up, simply browse the many categories according your needs from a large online selection:

  • Supplemental curriculum resources.
  • Social-emotional learning tools.
  • Classroom organizational items.
  • Teacher basics and essentials.
  • Classroom decorations.

Let’s face it, fundraising can be a challenge.  Whether it’s raising funds for your school or collecting free school supplies for teachers that donated, there are ways to make it easier.  With Wishing Well™, items can be prioritized to ensure the most important items are received first.  Set goals you want to achieve that will benefit your classroom or school the most.

Anyone can shop the website and ship items for their own personal needs, for gift giving or directly to teachers or schools who have created their wish lists. Shop Here!

Classroom Decorating Ideas

Aesthetics are important to make a classroom feel inviting to students, especially at a younger grades.  School is a child’s first impactful experience with a large institution.  They will be spending 30 or more hours a week in school.  A majority of that time will be in the classroom.  The biggest impact in their lives will be interacting with their teacher and fellow students.  When it’s time to get down to the business of learning, a vibrant visual environment will help them feel more at home and engaged.  Decorating a classroom with posters, maps, letters and incorporating classroom theme ideas can always be incorporated into lessons and therefore become no less important than traditional supplies and teaching resources.

Teachers can also get supplies to create holiday themes for their classrooms, such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.

Social and Emotional Learning

A well rounded student is about more than ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’.  Every student’s emotional well-being and social awareness is vital to successful learning. It re-enforces what they are learning at home and balances their understanding of values they may be learning on television programs or through advertising.   Free school supplies can also include teaching resources for mindfulness, diversity, inclusion, self awareness and how to deal properly with emotions and feelings.

Wishing Well™ – Equipping Educators

Whatever need there is to better equip, enhance and empower teachers and schools to offer the best learning environment for kids of all grade levels, we are proud to partner with this important school and classroom supply platform.  Our hope is that teachers will no longer be required to pay out of their own hard earned dollars to give students the best learning experience in the ideal environment.  Teachers should be able to earn and save their money for themselves.

It’s a sad reality.  Even though the education of our K-12 students is highly valued in most countries worldwide, the education system is vastly underfunded.  According to the USA Department of Education, teachers in the United States are out-of-pocket $478 each year.  That’s $2 Billion of personal money spent on school supplies.

About 44 percent of teachers spend $250 or less, while 36 percent spend from $251 to $500 per year.  The New York times reports that 94 percent of teachers purchase classroom supplies without reimbursement.  The bottom line is that teachers are paying too much of their own money for school supplies.

Fortunately, there is a new program that has been created to give teachers and administrators of schools access to supplies without cost to them.  This program is also available for PTA’s, childcare centers, Head Start Programs, after-school programs, as well as boys and girls clubs.

Wishing Well™ is the simple, easy way for all educators to request vital school supplies and receive them quickly.  You simply sign up to ‘Make a Wish’ List, which is basically creating a campaign listing your needs.  Wish lists can be created by individual teachers or school administrators who want to run a school-wide campaign for the classroom supplies.

In turn, teachers, schools and any group working with kids in need of school supplies will be able to connect with those who are ready to offer support by purchasing and donating items.  School supplies are purchased online within the Wishing Well™ platform and shipped directly to the educators.

Steps for Teachers to Access Free Classroom Supplies

It’s time teachers shopped buying school supplies with their own money.  So, here’s how to begin.

Step 1 is to Sign Up and Create a Wish List

It’s only takes a minute to get started and you will be guided every step of the way.

Step 2 is to select all supplies available.

Easily browse and add anything you need for your classroom or school. Mark items as priorities and put them front and center.

Step 3 is to spread the word.

You’ll be provided with everything you need to reach donors and have a successful campaign.  Teachers and schools will receive supplies as they are purchased, you won’t have to fill you entire campaign goals to begin receiving supplies.

Supporting Your Favorite Schools and Teachers

Whether you have a favorite school or a special teacher, your support helps students get the most out of their classroom experience.  Making a difference is easier than ever.  With Wishing Well™  you can help teachers get the supplies they so desperately need at prices backed by a low price guarantee.

Even Parent Teacher Association’s can sign up and make a wish list of school supplies needed within their school. Then, share the campaign with all parents, friends or businesses within the community who have a desire to help their local schools and teachers.

Here are the simple steps supporters can take:

  • Discover campaigns:  Find wish lists by school name, teachers, grade, subject, or interactive map.
  • Choose Products to Purchase:  Easily select supplies by priority or cost from wish lists that have been created by teachers.
  • Receive Updates from Teachers:  Feel the impact your contribution has made with updates from teachers you support.

Wishing Well enables teachers to stock their classrooms with supplies students need.  Items are shipped as soon as donors make their purchase. Teachers do not have to complete campaign goals to receive supplies.  Items are shipping as ordered by donors.  Items arrive within days of purchase.

School supplies are also available to individuals looking for good prices online for school use or at home.

The Wishing Well™ Advantage means:

  • Teachers and schools can receive the supplies they need within days.
  • Administrators and other groups can also take part for their entire school.
  • Programs outside of the formal educational system that need supplies can also participate.
  • There are no fees to sign up and receive supplies from donors.

So let’s not waste any time getting kids the classroom supplied they need, without teachers having to pay out-of-pocket due to underfunded schools.

Educators and School Groups:  Start Your Wish List Now!

Support Your Teacher or School:  Search for Teachers or Schools!

Individual shoppers can instantly shop online now here:

As show below, there are individual communities that have started their own charity drives to supply free school supplies to teachers.  However, this is not available in every school district.  The Wishing Well™ which was started by Really Good Stuff is available nationwide in the United States and in many other countries.  Learn More.

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