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It’s not uncommon for parents is to be curious about how smart and creative their kids are. Of course, there are many IQ tests you can take that provide instant results to measure your IQ score, but remember that measuring kids’ IQ is a bit sensitive.

As the test’s result can impact their feeling and their future, you have to be more careful about it. It’s good to know some details before taking the tests.

Here are all you need to know about kids’ IQ scores and tests.

What is IQ?

A child’s or person’s IQ is a measure of their general intellect. The Binet-Simon test was created in the early 1900s by French psychologist Alfred Binet and physician Theodore Simon. The Binet-Simon test was created to assess the IQ of children with mental disabilities.

Testing revealed that as youngsters grew older, the difference between their mental and chronological ages expanded. The intelligence quotient was devised in 1912 by German psychologist William Stern to correlate with the gap (IQ).

The intelligence quotient is calculated by dividing the chronological age by 100 times the mental age (MA) (CA).

What does IQ measure?

IQ tests assess the following skills:

Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning is about understanding and using words – verbal concept development, reasoning, and expression.


Seeing visual details, comprehending spatial relationships and construction ability, comprehending the relationship between parts and the whole, and combining visual and motor abilities.

Fluid reasoning

Seeing the meaningful link between visual items and applying that knowledge utilizing the notion of fluid reasoning.

Working memory

Demonstrating attention and focus, as well as the ability to keep information in mind and work with it; comprises one visual and one aural subtest.

Processing speed

Visual scanning and object identification speed and accuracy, short-term memory, and visual-motor coordination are all factors in processing speed.

Kids’ IQ Scores

The average IQ is thought to be 100. The IQ of a youngster can range from 0 to 250. The bulk of the youngsters tested had IQs between 80 and 120.

There is a categorization for each IQ range. An IQ of 140 or more is called genius, 120-140 is regarded as extremely superior intellect, 110-120 is considered superior intelligence, 90-110 is considered normal or average, 70-80 is a borderline deficit, and below 70 is considered cognitively retarded.

For children aged 6 to 16, the WISC-V is regarded as the “gold standard” IQ test. As a result, it is a vital part of any psycho-educational assessment. It is usually given since it gives a clear picture of a kid’s strengths and shortcomings, as well as reasonable expectations for his or her performance: a youngster with average potential may expect to work in the average range.

It’s a popular misconception that the “IQ,” which refers to the Full-Scale IQ, is an essential aspect of an intelligence exam.

You must evaluate not just the Full-Scale number but also the consistency of the scales. Here’s a checklist:

Composite IQ Score Traditional Interpretation WISC-V Description
>129 Very Superior Extremely High
120 – 129 Superior Very High
110 – 119 High Average High Average
90 – 109 Average Average
80 – 89 Low Average Low Average
70 – 79 Borderline Very Low
<70 Extremely Low Extremely Low

Where to measure your kid’s IQ

You and your child can both take a variety of IQ tests, some of which are available online. The good thing is that many of them are completely free, so you won’t have to worry about money.

For your children, here are some of the greatest free online IQ tests:

IQ Exam

IQ Exam is a free online exam that is one of the most accurate in the world. IQ Exam is tougher than other IQ tests since it needs you to answer 30 questions.

The exams were created and utilized in academic research, so they can reliably assess your cognitive abilities.

Although the test may appear tough to children, they have attempted to make it as convenient as possible for all participants.

You are not charged for taking this scientific IQ test as many times as you like.

One of the most crucial aspects of this test is that it has no time restriction. They don’t want to put any pressure on you since it can impact your performance.

There are no restrictions, and you or your children of any age can readily engage in this exam.

Free IQTest

Free IQTest is a basic online exam that is appropriate for children. There is no need to subscribe, and the results will be available shortly after you complete the exam.

They also include an HTML code for displaying your IQ score on your blog or CV, as well as your grade, categorization, and exam time.

The exam consists of 20 questions that are based on the WAIS formula. In this test, time is of importance, and your scores will reflect that.

Of course, you should not allow your child to become anxious in order to achieve the greatest potential result. The exam is completely anonymous, and you may take it as many times as you like.


They’re providing several useful psychometric tests online. All of their psychometric tests are created by qualified psychologists and test developers, and all test results are provided for free.

123test is self-contained, and our tests are available to you. There is no need to create an account, and you may take exams entirely anonymously.

Every year, almost 30 million people throughout the world utilize 123test. They employ around 140 different assessments in five different languages.

They suggest that if you want a complete assessment of your child’s intelligence, have an IQ test for children administered by a qualified psychologist or educationalist in cooperation with the child’s school.


When you, as parents, want your child’s intelligence tested, it’s usually because your kid looks to have extremely low or extremely high intelligence. Regular school examinations and progress tests will likely serve in all other circumstances. Because an IQ test for children is only required in exceptional circumstances, the stakes for those concerned are higher. Is the kid in need of special education? Is the kid very brilliant, requiring remedial instruction? This sort of discovery can have far-reaching implications.

Regardless of a child’s IQ score, here are some free learning apps that can help them develop critical thinking.

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