Parental Controls for Phones and Tablets

Parental Controls for Phones

The use of a parental control app and is our preferred recommendation for parents seeking complete protection for children on their phones and tablets.  It provides monitoring for both IOS Apple and Android devices.  It goes to work immediately to filter and block access to bad websites, as well as monitor social media.

Much more than a phone location tracker, the right parental control app download provides a variety of features to monitor and restrict internet usage and control the use of apps being downloaded. Parents can easily customize settings according to each family member’s age.

With parental controls installed on mobile devices (including iPads) parents will be notified of potential harm to their child online  24/7:  Download Here

For parental control solutions for desktop computers and laptops (as well as mobile devices) explore parental control software

The Need for Parental Controls

Today, parents have a lot of keep track of online.  Kids are active on gaming platforms, social media, multiple search engines, YouTube and chat rooms many parents don’t know about.   On the other side of a child’s online access are potentially secret friends, cyberbullies, viruses, malware, ransomware and child predators.

Thankfully, the app does the work for parents so that they don’t have to relentlessly monitor their child’s online activity 24/7.  It works right away to filter and block access to bad websites.  Still, within the parental control dashboard parents have complete control to customize settings according to each family member’s age.

The Power of Parental Control Apps

Gone of the days of a single computer in the family room where kids go online under the watchful eyes of mom and dad after dinner.  Couples and single parents still needed to be extra invigilate but control was still achievable. Then came mobiles phones that put the world wide web in everyone’s pocket.

These days, the internet is readily available to young finger tips on bedroom computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones. Within the last decade social media has only multiplied the challenges of what kids see and hear online, including exposure to toxic friendships and the risk of cyberbullying.

Schools can set up internet controls and blocking on their servers but for homes it’s not possible to implement a blanket approach to online safety without an app installations.  For home use, it is relatively simple to install parental controls on multiple devices for instant protection against explicit web content.

Parental Control Features:

From it’s creation, phone monitoring apps have evolved to handle all of today’s obstacles to safety. It continues to be updated to respond to new technology and trends that kids gravitate to.  Unless automatic monitoring and restrictions are in place, these hot spots expose young children and teens to new and unwanted content before most parents even know about them.

Parental Control App Downloads

Once the mobile app or desktop is installed on all of your household’s various devices, you can change settings for each child without having to continually ask for each device. Parental control apps for phones detects your operating system to give you the right installation for each PC or Mac computer, as well as providing parental controls on iPhones, Android phones and tablets. Simply visit this same article via any browser on any device then click the link below to guide your through the installation process. Or forward this page you are reading to your child’s email address on their device and click the install link below.

Parental controls on phones enable parents to watch all of these online activities in real time for any family member on any device; including apps being used, internet searches, YouTube, social media platforms being accessed, location updates, and screen time history.  

The Bottom Line:  A parental control app gives kids of all ages the freedom to explore the internet fully protected  from harm.  Whether it be research for school, connecting with friends, playing a game or watching a video, kids are kept safe no matter where they are using their device. The automation that parental control apps provide does the heavy lifting for parents, while giving them the tools to monitor and customize the controls they feel are appropriate for each member of the family.

Two important facts about the world wide web.

  1. The internet is a dangerous place filled with material that is harmful to younger kids and teens. This often explicit content is easy to access from any device in multiple locations, in many cases far from parental supervision.
  2. The internet is a vast wonderland of knowledge and information that cannot by replaced by books or the world’s largest library. Or at least it can’t be as easily accessible with a few clicks or taps from the palm of any sized hand.

How can something so bad be so good at the same time? Perhaps it is the nature of anything that wields such great power. Inevitably, it can be use for good and for bad.

The Evolution of Parental Controls

Parental control has been around since men and women first walked the earth. It’s the power to control your child’s environment in order to protect them. At best, it’s a loving non democratic system to ensure security for family members. With age, more freedom was given. Boundaries were expanded to give each family member control of their own protection as responsible behavior was acquired.

This model of parenting continues to thrive today without adverse effects, rather, positive outcomes where kids became teens and teens became adults with the ability to protecting themselves from harm. But the term Parental Controls has taken on a new meaning in the new technological world. Never before in man’s history has so much good and bad been combined in a single handheld device for the masses.

At the dawn of the internet, there were only stationary computers in the living room or family office that parents needed to monitor. Then came laptops and eventually the smart phone. It was a mini computer you could fit in your pocket, yet with more speed, storage space and accessible information from the outside world than ever thought possible just 10 years earlier.

Cyberbullying, once a new problem for kids online, is now a primary concern. Bullying has progressed from the playground to social media and it becomes a vicious circle when children are bullied at school and online by the same people.  Of course, cyberbullying expands the access of bullies to harass people they don’t even go to school with. Or, they can be from anywhere in the world and simply troll and comment posts where kids are already being mocked online. It very much becomes a mob mentality to an extreme.

Parental Control Software and Apps

The fundamentals of parents control over their offspring in order to protect has not been replaced by technology. On the contrary, kids and teens still need to be taught how to manage and use the internet responsibility. Just as they need to know to stay off thin ice in the winter or wear a life jacket while boating, they will need to because taught how to control their own use of the internet. After all, kids will someday be on their own with no boundaries except for the laws they choose to abide as decided by society. And one might add the moral and ethical laws in place to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

Until such a time, parental control software and apps for computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones are simply a tool. Just like parenting in a non tech world, kids need to learn how to use the power of the internet for their good. Simultaneously the technological restrictions that parental control technology provides assists parents in setting boundaries they cannot see in the real world. It’s a tool that can greatly control and monitor online activity in the beginning. As children grow, these same controls can be loosened as more responsibility is given.

This is the essence of parental controls in the modern age that compliments real world parenting to bring up our children. It keeps them secure from the worst of the internet, yet empowered them too safety grow in knowledge and education throughout their formidable years.

Features of Parental Controls, recommended by Safe Search Kids

  • Internet filtering and blocking
  • Online monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Screen time management
  • Monitoring of app usage
  • Social media monitoring
  • Keeping an eye on texts and pics
  • Monitor drive habits
  • Activity alerts
  • Download
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