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Most parents seeking parental control software options have kids in their home using multiple computers and devices, not just smartphphones. Even a young child may have access to a phone as well as a computer or tablet. They also are often using their parents personal computer from time to time for school projects or simply to print something.

If that isn’t enough to manage, your family members are connecting to the internet at school or at a friend’s house. With proper parental controls you can ensure the safety and security of your kids online. Otherwise, it’s difficult to know where to begin. It’s hard enough for a person who has some technical savvy, but what if you are technically challenged?

This article features options to protect kids on all devices using parental controls, not just apps but software solutions for PC’s and Macs as well.

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In addition to iPhone and Android mobile devices, our recommended parental controls also works on Amazon mobile devices.  In fact, multiple devices within your home can be monitored and controlled.  Comprehensive solutions for complete online safety is a parental control app that Filters and Monitors all aspects of online activity for kids. It provides an easy to use app or access from and computer dashboard that gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are protected online.

When selecting a parental control programs for mobile devices as well as Windows and MAC computers you will need to find a software program that works on all devices. It not only an app that works on mobile devices, it also provides monitoring, filtering and multiple control features on desktops and laptops at home, as well as in schools.

Let’s face it, a lack of technical knowledge is common for most of us. We live in an ever changing world where the optimal “kid safety zone” is a moving target. This is where parental control software becomes an essential tool in managing the various needs of any family, according to a range of ages and responsibility.

The good news is, effective parental controls allow you to help keep your family safe in one software download. At Safe Search Kids, we recommend parental internet filtering for PC and MAC users to meet the needs of any family large or small.

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Parental Control is Internet Filtering

Internet filtering is certainly the first priority when thinking about protecting kids from harmful aspects of the internet. This is the primary focus of our search tools on Safe Search Kids, but we are only a single access search engine. Parent control software takes it one step further by filtering the entire internet, regardless of what search engine your kids may be using.

Quit simply, it allows you to completely control access to the internet including and blocking websites no matter what device is being used.  The level of restriction can be customized by age. After all, the places your 16 years old can go online is much different than your 7 year old. This includes allowing or limiting access on apps and social media, some platforms of which are only appropriate for older kids.  Some software platforms provide additional tools that allow you to combine parental controls with accountability.

Parental Control is Screen Time Management

Once you have the peace of mind of knowing all the bad areas of the internet are completely blocked on every device in your home, you can think about controlling the time your kids spend online. Imagine having peace of mind going to sleep at night knowing your teenager is not able to access the internet past 10 or 11 pm.

These controls can easily be set within the dashboard of your account. Likewise, you can restrict access from your 7 year old so that they can not get online after 8 pm, for example. This screen time management control is at your fingertips for any day of the week from the app or desktop dashboard.

Parental Control Software Monitors Apps

The dangers of the internet are not just through a website browser. With a software application you can also monitor what apps your kids are downloading. You can choose to also block apps like TikTok, Reddit or Discord that you don’t want your family to access at all. As with managing screen time, you can individually customize accessibility for every one in the house and on every one of their devices.

New apps are being developed and made available on the app store everyday. Whether the app is on an iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire device, you will be notified when a new app is downloaded and installed on any device.

  • Calls and messages monitoring: Keep an eye out for suspicious contacts and distractions.
  • Games and App Access: Allow access to the appropriate games and apps.

Parental Control is a Family Locator

Check that your kids have safely arrived at school. Within the parent dashboard, you can also track the location of each family member in real-time from your computer or smart phone. There’s no need to login to an iCloud account and no additional location tracking software is needed. The location tracking feature also allows you to check the past history of where your kids have been.

You can coincide their location with whether or not they’ve been online during that time. Let’s say you agree that it’s OK for your child to go to a friend’s house but you just want them to play. You don’t want them spending time surfing the web or going on social media. This is a way to check up on their activity while out of the house.

Alerts and Activity Reports

With all these parental controls include features that work in the background to filter, block, and monitor online activity there is an additional feature that will help you keep track of things. Firstly, only need to initially set up controls and restrictions for each family member one time. From there it’s easy to fine tune controls as needed. 

Get instant alerts when suspicious photos or texts are detected on your child’s phone. Be notified when specific search terms are entered or when an app is being downloaded. What your kids are searching for online is also an insight into struggles they may be having, including bullying or feelings of alienation with friends or at school.

Safe Search Kids recommends software solutions, which include parental controls with dashboard access on mobile devices, computers and lap tops. Features can be applied on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS smart phones, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac computers.

Teaching Internet Accountability and Responsibility

Monitoring and Controlling online activity should always be coupled with showing kids how to be responsible on their own. We all know putting kids in a cocoon will not prepare them properly for life in the read world. Setting up boundaries for kids is of course important, but some of those boundaries can be more lenient for older aged kids while allowing them to learn online responsibility. An internet blocking software can protect kids while they learn how to be responsible with the level of freedom you give them. The older they get and the more responsibly they use that freedom, the more trust we extend. 

Qustodo Care Plus

This feature begins with a welcome your of the parental dashboard by a live person in the Qustodio support staff.   You’ll continue to receive priority help through all stages of implementing and maintaining your parental controls, from personalized guidance during installation and setup, to remote technical support and regular check-ins.  The experts at Qustodio will be there to assist you throughout all channels of providing the right parental control settings for each one of your family members, including personalized customized device set up and tweaking as children grow, required a different level of monitoring.

Parental Controls answer these questions about your kids’ activities:

1. What exactly are my children doing online or on their mobile phones?

  • Are they chatting with social network sites like Facebook, Snapchat?
  • Are they visiting pornographic or other inappropriate sites?
  • Are they being bombarded with inappropriate ads on pages for guns, cigarettes, drugs or other illegal activity?

2. How much overall time is really spent on a daily basis on their phone and computer talking to friends or other socializing?

Now Here are Some Facts That May Surprise You

  1. One in 5 kids between 11-18 have been solicited online.
  2. 60% of kids are exposed to porn before age 12.
  3. Over 65% of kids have accidentally visited an inappropriate site online.
  4. More than 25% of kids have been cyberbullied, but only 10% of these incidents were told to parents.

We trust our kids to do what is right, but there is so much filth lurking on all corners of the internet and as parents, we should be very concerned – even for the innocent child who is 100% aware of all the dangers involved, it is next to impossible for our children to be 100% protected. In addition to our lack of time, it is an impossible task to manually monitor our children’s online activities. The latest internet and mobile technology make it impossible with software working in the background.  This includes cyberbullying prevention made possible by monitoring.

Why Every Parent Should be Using Parental Controls on Every Device in their Home

Even with the most strict guidelines in place, it is nearly impossible to monitor your children’s activity online doing it manually. In the past several years, a new niche of software has been developed to help families monitor overall online and computer activity.

Parental Control Software is a must.

While there are several in this field, what they all have in common is that the specific monitoring is automated. This does not mean that you can rely on the system 100% of the time to monitor what your kids are doing – parental supervision is essential, whether they are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Parental Control Software provides an integrated time management and internet blocking & monitoring solution with the following key features:

  • Restrict Internet & Computer Usage based on a customizable schedule or time limits.
  • Monitors chatting/instant messaging based on a time limit or schedule.
  • Access phone activity reports including what apps they install or uninstall.
  • Award-winning automated filter of porn, illegal, vulgar and other inappropriate websites.
  • Ability of parent to create White “Trusted” list and Black “Restricted” lists.
  • Dynamic Content Blocker – blocks inappropriate banner ads on webpages.
  • Download Complete Parental Control Software Solutions!

Qustodio works on all devices. 

If you only desire filtering and monitoring on iphone’s or Androids phones, download a parental control app that only works on mobile phones and tablets.

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Parental Control for Google, Samsung, Smartphones, iPads, Kids’ Tablets

Parental Controls for Tablets

If you are planning to buy a tablet for your child this year you may also be exploring parental control options from Google, as well as available safety apps for iPads and Samsung Tablets. There are plenty of buzz words out there related on internet safety, security and parental monitoring.  It can be overwhelming especially for new parents who are giving a child their very first tablet.

We’ll do our best to break everything down for you. The last thing you need is to duplicate processes, while overlooking safety and security essentials, in an effort to make sure your new tablet or iPad kid safe.  We’ll explain the difference between reliable parental controls from external sources and those that may already have existing restrictions in place for safe game play.

Finally, we’ll review software or apps that may be redundant if you already have purchased that make other programs redundant.

Parental Control Monitoring

There are a myriad of third-party parental control apps.  Pricing varies and for the most part, they pretty much do the same thing.  However, ease of use is a key factor for parents when decided which application they use to monitoring their child’s activity online.   Key features you’ll want to ensure parental controls offer are as follows;

  • Monitoring of texts and calls on social monitoring apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Kik.
  • Monitoring of texts and calls on SMS and Messengers.
  • GPS tracking so you can confirm where you kids are always.
  • Geo fencing, which notifies you when your child leaves designated zone’s they are supposed to be.
  • A porn blocker and content filter.

Qustodio offers these parental control features, along with benefits of easy installation.  It quietly monitors in the background and is easy to set up.  The initial account creation that takes you through a wizard to learn your monitoring needs according to your child’s age.

If you have both iPhones and Android devices being used by family members, your parental control app of choice should also be able to monitor both platforms and work on all devices, such as iPads, Samsung Tablets, and all smartphones in your home.

Parental Controls On Google

Firstly, if you are seeking a free parental control while searching Google, we have an app to recommend for that.  Apart from bookmarking this website for PC’s or Macs,  download our Google SafeSearch App for any tablet or mobile device.  Then, instruct your kids to only use it to search Google.  It provides the same strict filtering results as featured on the top of our website, but provided within the confines of an app.  You may want to remove/delete all other search apps such as Safari for iPad and Chrome so they are not accessible for use.

Google also offers Family Link.  It provides free tools to guide kids to good content, teach and set digital ground rules, monitor screen time and track location.

Parental Control Software and Parental Control Apps often refer to programs that block access to the entire web.  Our search app and Google’s Family Link do not block or monitor internet access. Google SafeSearch only filters the web while searching.  Our app and Family Link are free tools you can use to provide a certain level of parental control.

Greater restrictions are needed through a parental control software for those who want to stop older kids from taking steps to download harmful content. This may include re-downloading other search apps that you removed from the tablet.

Social Media Safety

Even if you have Google search covered, kids will also have access to outside content via their social media platforms.  Every parent should have an open and honest conversation about which social media websites are allowed in your home.  You can implement agreed upon guidelines as well, but this is where complete parental control apps can allow parents to see everything that is happening on any device the software is installed.

Parental controls with a paid subscription model will have a parent dashboard to view app downloads on all devices.  The dashboard will also allow you to limit screen time and block specific hours when users are allowed online, such as late in the evening or when you are not home.  And of course, all bad sites can be blocked not matter what method us used to find them, even if accidentally.

KTablets with Parental Controlids Tablets with Parental Control

If you have younger kids and not looking for a fully functional device like iPad or a Samsung tablet, there are fun activity tablets that already come with their own parental controls built in.  These are very basic user-friendly tablets for kids that provide a safe environment for game downloads and internet search.

Schools who supply tablets for kids may also have internet filtering active through their own parental controls set for all users in the school.

Anti-Virus for Tablets

While parental control is all about protecting kids from accessing inappropriate websites, it does not block viruses.   If you are getting a tablet for younger kids that are going to be strictly using Google safe search, then the risk for infection from computer viruses is lower.  Generally, tablets are safer than PC computers but virus infection can still happen.

iPads are more secure because Apple’s operating system is more closed.  Samsung tablets are running on an Android platform, which is more open, and therefore more susceptible.  Just be aware that parental control or any other app designed to deliver safe search does not protect against viruses or malware.

Other than visiting infected website, email is the most common way a computer will get infected from a virus.   If your child is not running email, then the risk of infect is reduced even more.  If they are using a filtering search engine like ours, they are also less likely to end up on an infected website.  To clarify, parental control software does not stop virus infections.

Read more about options related to internet safety related to virus protection.  It’s another article where were break down the various buzz words related to internet safety and security.

Lets Review for Tablet Safety

  • At the very least install our safe Google search app. It’s free.
  • And it won’t hurt to consider Google’s Family Link app.  It provides additional tools to equip families to be safe online.
  • For complete parental control, as well as tools to teach kinds online responsibility, look for a software program that can control different levels is internet access according to each individual family member.
  • Install anti-virus software for email and consider anti malware software to safety against infected websites.

Online Gaming Security

If you have an avid gamer in the household using a PC or Macintosh computer, explore options for gamer security.  This stops users from turning off the Anti-Virus program they may have because it slows down their computer operating system.

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What is Lawnmower Parenting and Why is it so Detrimental to Your Children?

Why Lawnmower Parentingis is Detrimental to Your Children

Lawnmower parenting has been around for years but it picked up steam after an anonymous article was posted on a popular website for teachers. Since this trend is buzzing, it is something that needs to be talked about. It’s a parenting style that has made us appreciate helicopter parents and tiger moms even more.

Lawnmower parents are the overprotective parents who cannot stand to see their children struggle. Their intentions may be good but the consequences of such parenting are devastating. Before you follow this trend, you must understand that you are only setting up your kids for a lifetime of failures.

Some of us are already guilty of being lawnmowers. Just evaluate how you are raising your child whether it’s a toddler, preschooler, teen, or tween. You could be making your toddler wear a space suit whenever leaving home so they don’t catch germs, making your teen’s friends pass through a rigorous screening process to approve, or constantly checking their bedroom during the night to make sure they are sleeping. These are certainly signs that you love your child unconditionally but you could be preventing them from growing into independent and emotionally healthy adults.

Lawnmower parents are willing to intervene and mow down any obstacle that stands in the way of their child. This style of parenting, just like helicopter parenting, focuses on short-term goals. Such parents think “If I could make this thing easier for my child, why wouldn’t I do it?” When you are constantly removing obstacles from the life of your child, you are taking away their opportunities to learn problem-solving techniques and other skills.

Lawn-mowing parenting is not healthy for your children!

I would like to shed some light on ways lawnmower parenting hamper your children’s success:

  • They won’t learn how to deal with life

The sting of rejection and the pain of failure could disappoint your child but it doesn’t mean you go above and beyond to solve every problem. If you do that, you are keeping them from developing emotional skills. They won’t be prepared for life after high school. They won’t be able to deal with conflict, loneliness, boredom, and anxiety on their own because they never got to experience these emotions before.

Early life stress actually expands the regions of the brain that help control resiliency. For example, if you console your child for receiving bad grades on paper, you are not benefiting them. You should instead be teaching a lesson that helps in character building and prepares them for the future.

  • Their problem-solving skills will be zero

When you remove the problem before even your child knows it existed, how will they develop problem-solving skills? Scheduling meetings or calling your kid to ensure they wake up on time, etc. could make parents act more like personal concierges rather than authority figures. Imagine your child is in college and he doesn’t know how to get help. They must have the skills to figure out things without the help of parents. If your children don’t struggle, they will never learn and their character will never build.

  • You are shattering their confidence

Removing obstacles from the life of your child means you are making them learn they can’t handle anything on their own. Your child will hence grow up with self-doubt and anxiety.  Their insecurities will make them feel they are incompetent.

  • You are fostering poor mental health

Your parenting style doesn’t allow your kids to gain coping skills. It is understandable that you want them to be happy but ironically, you are sabotaging their long-term well-being. You can’t take full responsibility for your child’s emotions by regulating how they feel.

The American Psychological Association Commission conducted a study on stress in America. Results revealed that the younger generation is more stressed out than the older generation. Millennials and Generation X reported a higher level of stress than the baby boomers. The study also revealed that when parents control the social sphere of their child, they hinder them from growing and developing essential social skills that help them during their adulthood.  Sheltered children miss out on so many learning opportunities. Lawnmower parenting actually makes your child maladapted to the real world, which can take a toll on their mental health.

Signs you are a lawnmower parent

If you are a lawnmower parent, you are simply removing your child’s discomfort in the short run rather than focusing on their needs in the long run. You must evaluate your parenting style if you want your child to grow into a healthy, confident, and adaptive adult. These are the signs that indicate you are a lawnmower parent:

  • You do their laundry, clean their room, and even their dinner plates. In short, you are doing all their chores for them.
  • Whenever your child comes home with a bad grade, you blame their teacher. You are even ready to talk to their teacher to cut them some slack or give extra time to complete a homework assignment.
  • You don’t hesitate in stopping by their school to give them their forgotten belongings even though you are running late from work.
  • You step into any situation that would make them uncomfortable. You are the one handling their business instead of letting them tackle the situation.
  • You intervene in the sibling fights and even friend fights. Rather than letting your child figure out a way to solve the conflict, you remove the catalyst for them.
  • You help them with their homework. Instead of letting them do the research, you come to their rescue every time.

You may not be doing all the above, it could even be one; but if you are handling a few or too many aspects of your child’s life, you must stop!

If lawnmower parenting is so bad, then using parental controls should be bad, too?

Since lawnmower parenting means you are being over-protective, some parents are arguing that using smartphone monitoring apps could mean the same. Well, not really. Whether it is built-in parental controls in apps that our kids use on a daily basis (like YouTube, Netflix etc.) or parenting apps, they are meant to protect our kids from harmful exposure. If you are putting screen-time limits on your child’s tablet or smartphone by using parental control device locking features, you are not keeping them from developing skills.

In fact, you are disciplining them and teaching them how to use technology in a healthy way. Likewise, with the location tracking feature and geo-fencing, you are making sure you know where your kid is without having to inquire about it. Since social media is full of vices such as cyberbullying, body shaming, online predators, catfishing, etc., to keep a check on your children’s mental health, parents have no choice but to monitor their conversations from time to time.

Supervising their digital lives isn’t a bad thing if you are teaching how to protect themselves from the lurking online dangers via monitoring app for parents or any other similar app like Qustodio. In fact, when you don’t set these boundaries, you are exposing your children to dangers that could leave a mark on their lives for a long time. With that being said, lawnmower parenting and using parental controls are not the same things.

How to tell the difference between helping and mowing things for your children?

I know, I know, you must be wondering how you can be sure you are actually helping your child and not being a lawnmower parent. No parent wants to see their child fail. They simply want to set their children up for success. Whenever you are stuck between helping and mowing, monitoring your child or trusting them, consider your child’s future. That will make it easier for you to decide. Back away and let your child gain experience by dealing with adverse situations. That, in fact, is the most loving thing you could do for them.

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Free Parental Controls on All Devices

Free Parental Controls

When seeking parental controls to keep your family safe online, there is a lot of consider. We’ll start with a checklist of all the devices your child may be using that are connected to the Internet.   Then, we’ll explore free parental control solutions to help you cover all the bases.  Many of these options include parental control settings built in to devices.

When exploring parental controls, most people think about computers, smart phones and the software and apps installed on them.  Few think about additional ways that kids access the internet, including gaming consoles or online chat forums on browsers.  Our goal is to cover all the bases and offer free solutions that parents can at the very least take advantage of on all devices.

All of these are contained in our free parental control guide
found at the bottom of this page.  For Free App Installs Click Here!

Before we explore the free parental controls available, let’s first define the devices and areas we are dealing with.

Types of Parental Controls

  1. Installable software for computers and lap tops; PC’s with Windows, Mac desktops and lap tops.
  2. Downloadable Apps for mobile devices; iPhones, iPads, Andriods, Kindle Fire, tablets or any device that has an app store.
  3. Parental controls on game consoles or on Internet based video games, either directly online or via software.
  4. Free factory built-in parental controls that may be limited by still usually available on a particular device or a software program or app on that device.  These include Internet browsers, a social media account or app, YouTube.
  5. Parental controls that are controls by an account with a parental log in and password. (Microsoft, Google or Apple Account).

A typical family is facing these challenges:  One child may have a tablet and an iPhone.  Another child may be working on the family computer and use an Andriod.  You may have a Kindle Fire that all the kids share.  Teens will be playing video games and in need of parental controls for gaming consoles, as well as have a lap top and an iPhone or Android phone.

Places Kids Need Protection

  1. In their bedroom.
  2. At school.
  3. On the playground.
  4. At a friends house.
  5. On the school bus.

Whether at home on a desktop, or in multiple locations on a smart phone, parents need to individually look at each of device their kids are using and be aware of what they are doing on those devices. And whenever you kids leave your home with a lap top, tablet or mobile phone, the internet goes with them.  This greatly increases the need for parental controls.

Kids Internet Activity:  Key Points to Consider.

  • Are they searching the Internet through a browser?
  • Are they searching the Internet through a browser app?
  • Are they interacting on social media on a desktop or via an app?
  • Are they playing videos comes online through an Internet browser or software download?
  • Are they playing video games on a gaming console. Is that gaming console connect to the Internet and interacting with other kids?
  • Are they watching YouTube through their main website or via the new YouTube kids app?

Safe Search Kids has prepared a free parental control guide that covers all of your devices, as well as the various platforms your kids are using to access the internet.

Internet Filtering

Probably the most urgent parental control concern to address is Internet search.  How do you kids search the web?  Which browsers are they using?  Simplify things by guiding them to use only one browser so you only have to set up parental controls for that browser.  A safe search engine like Safe Search Kids is a resource that enhances Google’s filtering but you should still have the basic parental controls enabled for when kids may to go search

Our free parental control guide goes through these various options.   Keep in mind that the browser on their lap top will have different settings than the browser app on a mobile device.  It’s also important to note that filtering options on a browser are very limited.

Social Media Monitoring

Without software or a parental control app, parents must monitor a child’s social media manually.  However, there is away to restrict app downloads within the app store.  Our guide reviews these options to that kids can’t download apps you do not approve of.  This option doesn’t not work with all devices.  Beyond that, get to know the apps your kids are using.  What social media programs are they using.  SnapchatTikTok?  Facebook?  Discuss which platforms you will allow according to their age.

Privacy Settings

Look at all your devices, apps and accounts your kids are using and ensure all privacy settings are set accordingly.  While parental controls are all about keeping your kids from accessing harmful material online, let’s not forget about protecting them from those who will want to reach them.  This will also help protect your kids from online predators,  as well as malware, viruses and online scams.

Video Games Consoles

Free Parental Controls for Gamers

If you decide to use a parental control phone app or an app that fully monitors your kids activity online, you’re still somewhat on your own when it comes to gaming.  Software solutions will help if the video game is online, but this is not usually the case for gamers in your family that use consoles such as PlayStation and xBox. This issue includes hand held devices like Nintendo Switch.  Fortunately, our free guide includes parental control instructions for 20 different gaming consoles.  These protections come with each game from the factory.

Does Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Fortnight have Parental Controls?

Need parental controls for your kids’ video game console? We’ve got instructions for that. One of the most challenging things parents face is providing protecting for their kids online while gaming. There are plenty of resources for parental controls in terms of computers, tablets, lap tops and mobile phones. And within all of those devices there are parental control apps that provide internet filtering, social media monitoring, geo tracking of your child and screen time management. But parents of gamers are left to figure out security and protection for all their family members who game.

The good news is gaming consoles including PlayStation, XBox, Nintento Switch, Fortnite and more have factory installed methods to set up parental controls. H

Here are the instruction manuals we can provide you.

  • Fortnite parental controls for mobile devices
  • Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Battle Royale Parental Controls Guide
  • Minecraft guide
  • Nintendo 3DS guide
  • Nintendo DS guide
  • Nintendo Switch guide
  • Nintendo Wii guide
  • Nintendo Wii U guide
  • PlayStation 3 (PS3)
  • Playstation 4 (PS4) guide
  • PlayStation 5 (PS5)
  • PlayStation Network guide
  • PlayStation VITA (PS VITA) guide
  • Pokemon GO guide.
  • Roblox how-to controls guide
  • Steam platform guide
  • Twitch TV
  • Xbox 360 guide
  • Xbox Live guide
  • Xbox One and Xbox One S guide

For instant access to these instruction guides on how to set up parental control for all of your video game consoles, download the free parental control guide.

Free Parental Controls vs Paid Subscription Models

Setting up parental controls on each device and each individual website platform or application on that device can be a daunting task.  It takes research and time.  Our parental control guide reveals these free ways to do it without fully automated parental controls, according to each area of concern.  In some cases, such as with privacy settings, setting things manually do the job.  In other cases, such as internet filtering and app usage, you will only achieve the basic levels of protection provided from pre-existing limits that come with the browser.

For social media monitoring and internet blocking of the darkest places on the web, you may want to consider paid parental control options.  Some apps include free versions of their parental controls with limited features, but still automated across all devices.  These also include monitoring of suspicious texts, internet searches and geo tracking for when kids are away from home. If in doubt, start with free options.  This is the reason we created our free parental control guide.

At the very least, every parents should have the available basic protection settings in place.  This is a process you can include your kids in, so they are aware of their boundaries when free parental controls are not enough.

Summary of Free Parental Controls

Our free parental control guide empower parents to monitor navigate through he maze parental control settings on their children’s activities online.  These include mobile phones, computers, browsers, social media apps and gaming consoles. By setting up controls on multiple devices you can help to keep your entire family safe.

Choose from a range of parental control options

You can choose from our range of free controls to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple solution to block access to certain sites on any browser or search app, or more advanced tools to monitor multiple devices, we provide parental solutions according to your specific requirements.

Download Free Instructions

We offer a range of free step by step instructions for a number of brand name gaming consoles, as well as standard online activities.  From securing web search results on browsers and blocking websites, to monitoring social media accounts, our guide provides includes a number of resources to protect the members of your family, no matter what device they are using.

Block access to inappropriate content

You can use our free parental controls to block access to inappropriate sites, ensure privacy settings are at their optimum, and even restrict certain features on your device.  This also prevents predators from stalking your child and connecting with them in anyway.   These include web filtering software, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

From our free parental controls to app and software downloads, we can help guide through you in determining what needs to be done on any device that is connected to the internet from your home.  Share this article with other parents, then download our recommended parental control app, as well as our free parental control guide.

Download the Free Guide to activating Free Parental Controls on your various devices. It will also explore automated solutions.

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